I have always loved teaching.


     I am a retired middle school choral teacher, but it doesn't matter to me what I'm teaching as long as I can teach.


     I took the literacy training program in September 2000 just after I had retired and was given my first learner in October. I worked with my student for almost 7 years and still feel how rewarding it was to tutor someone who had such dedication and perserverance. The one aspect of public school teaching that I did enjoy was having to teach kids who didn't want to learn. Volunteering as a Literacy tutor, I never encountered that situation. Adult learners here are enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

- Louise

     I knew from my own experience of living in Europe how difficult it can be to communicate in a foreign language, even if you have studied it.
- Harriet

When I was working as a Paralegal, I met people who could not read what they were signing.


     I was working in an Albany Law Firm several years ago. Through our affiliation and legal representation of Hispanic Outreach some of the clients we represented did not speak English. When I sat down with them to review their legal documents, I realized that they could not read what they were signing. This troubled me so much that I decided to become a Literacy Volunteer.


     Nothing makes me happier than tutoring those who need ESL instruction. I have met so many wonderful people whom I have tutored and worked with. I lead an ESOL class at a local church on Saturdays. The students always have fun! My drive to help them far surpasses any other passion or hobby that I have.


- Davia